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id="mod_37334077">Increasingly, more consumers are looking for TVs made in the USA, including all of the expected features like flat-panels, LED, LCD, and large screens. American businesses are slowly but surely making their way to manufacturing TVs in America -- the way they once did.

According to the State of the Union address in 2014, there has been an uptick in American manufacturing, with 568,000 new jobs added to the sector between 2010 and 2013. These jobs could not come fast enough.

There are two companies proactive in this area in consumer electronics, with TVs manufactured and assembled right here on our shores. For the sake of job creation and improving our country's economic bottom-line, it is important to highlight and promote them. These companies have different target markets: one is geared towards an affluent customer, and the other is geared towards the middle-income consumer, but they both are making strides for our economy.

Manufactured in the USA: TVs by S�ura
Chances are you've never heard of Séura. This is because they currently have a small target market. Séura is a luxury TV company that actually manufactures its televisions in Wisconsin. Its TVs are quite revolutionary, including a model that becomes a framed mirror when it is turned off. These TVs are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. They range from 32 to 65 inches in size.

In addition, Séura specializes in indoor waterproof TVs for the kitchen and bathroom, and weatherproof outdoor TVs. Here is a closer look at both types:

Indoor Waterproof TVs:

Come in smaller 19 and 27-inch sizes

Are made of glass and framed in powder-coated steel

Screens serve as defoggers, so a steamed-up TV is never a problem

Remote control is waterproof as well

TV frames are available in 800 custom colors to suit your kitchen or bathroom décor

Have two HDMI inputs and one USB input

Come with a 50-inch power cable

Shqip TV Online Made in the USA: Weatherproof Storm TV by S�ura | Source Weatherproof Outdoor TVs:

Come in 42, 47, and 55-inch sizes

Ideal for patios and outdoor hot-tub areas

Screens are anti-reflective

Display remains vivid and clear even in the sunlight

Can withstand harsh weather conditions from -30 degrees F to 140 degrees F

Have UV screen coatings to protect the inside of the TV from sun damage
Séura's high-tech features are possible because they do not cut corners and do not sell as of yet on a cheaper, mass-market basis. The two types of TVs detailed above range in price from $1,999 to $7,499.

Partially Assembled in the USA: TVs by Element Electronics
Element Electronics recently provided some assembly and testing of TVs for the mass US retail market. The company worked on these TVs in its south Carolina and Michigan locations. It is yet to be seen if Element Electronics will be increasing the amount of assembly provided by its North American facilities. It is important to start somewhere and support companies that are hiring American employees, so I hope they do so.

Element Electronics had five television models with involving American worker assembly: Among them are:

ELEFC463JA. This is a 46″ model with 1080p, 60Hz, and is an LED HDTV.

ELDFT465J. This model is 50" and is an HDTV with 1080p and 60 Hz.

ELEFW502. This is a 50″ 1080p LED HDTV that is ROKU-ready.
Element Electronics TVs are more affordable, all priced under $1,000. This company was able to add hundreds of domestic jobs with their assembly-centered operations. The company came under fire for allegedly overstating how much assembly is done the US, but I still think they took a step in the right direction. Many small steps can lead to big changes.

What American-made item do you hope to buy next?



Kitchen appliance
See results These two companies are leading the way for American-made and assembled consumer electronics. Many other TV brands have facilities in the USA that employ Americans, but do not provide enough of the assembly or manufacturing process to make any kind of claims.

If only Séura and Element could work together to make a fully US-manufactured TV on a mass-market scale. Séura has the American ingenuity and technical mastery, and Element Electronics has the mass-distribution know-how.

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