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Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, is the most famous city in Nevada. It has so much more to offer. Vegas is considered the hub for gaming, shopping and entertainment industries. Major attractions for tourists visiting Las Vegas are large casinos, theme parks, and 24x7 nightclubs and discotheques. The city is very beautiful, well-planned and managed. Your first time experience will be fun and exciting.

All ideas of enjoyment are found there. There are no boundaries to where you can go. You have a lot to go to play and see. Sometimes you miss the major attractions. Make a list of ideas where to go. Plan your to do things and make the most of your time while in Las Vegas. Below are the top major spectacular sights you should not miss. Paris If you want to take romance to the next level, Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas captures the perfect vibe.

The romance and grandeur makes you feel you are in France. The soaring replica of Eiffel Tower has an enclosed observation deck for safety and a glass elevator for you to admire the stunning view on the way to the top. From there, you can see planes taking off. During daytime, you catch a glimpse of the city's natural beauty like the mountains. At night, you can see thousands of people walking on the streets and during New Year's Eve, you can see the vibrant lights of fireworks.

It is truly a spectacular view. The Venetian The Venetian offers an experience same thing in Venice. Why visit Venice where Las Vegas has this all for you? You can also visit Grand Canal Shoppes, an extensive indoor retail mall. The Gondola rides will take you there. Passing thru these canals is similar in passing the canals in Venice. Lovers feel the romantic ambiance and intimate experience while on a ride.

The place is big making the ride entertaining. Visiting there with your loved one, your family is fun and memorable. The Bellagio Speaking of marriage, the Bellagio will help you get the "yes" for an answer. The Fountains of Bellagio has become the prime destination for proposals and weddings. There is no other water to compare. The scope, spectacle and the emotional impact is unbeatable. The flow and the movement of the water are much choreographed.

The water fountains are tied with diverse and ever-changing lineup of musical numbers. You will notice that the creators are prescriptive with its master piece. Everything you expect in gaming is here Excalibur - The colorful castles are set right with delight. Just seeing the exterior of the castle will make you think there are exciting activities awaits everyone. Enjoy your favorite slot and table games, an action-packed poker room, a full-service race and sports book, and live keno around the clock.

The Luxor - The Egyptian theme brings you to Egyptian paradise with mystifying air. The Great Pyramid inspired - casino hall is vast and games such as craps, poker, blackjack, baccarat and slot machines are all inside it. There are more to do and see. The inspiring sights remain with you even when you go home. The Luxor gives Las Vegas such a shining reputation. The Hilton Casino Lounge - best bet gaming destination for players. Play with your favorite table games, free slots fruit smoothie and latest games.

It is not just only a game. You can relax while having the comfort of Casino's sage, a massage for hire while you play. Come and spend your holiday and be amazed by its most lavishing entertainment and fun facilities. Unwind and enjoy life in this distinctive city.