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Mortality in India could increase for weeks if not months, doctors said.[Bearbeiten]

India's coronavirus death toll could continue to rise for months if the government does not take steps to contain the infection, doctors told the BBC.

India reached a new milestone on Thursday, becoming the fourth-highest COVID-19 country in the world.

On Thursday, India had 942 new deaths and 66,999 new cases, the highest single-day increase in infection rates.

Dr Srinivas Rajkum, general secretary of the Association of Regional Physicians in New Delhi, said the situation in India was very serious.

The daily death toll is higher than any country in the world right now, and sadly it could be going on in the coming weeks, not months, he said.

He said the Indian government's strategy to deal with the outbreak was inadequate, blaming inadequate testing to consolidate the crisis.

He said further investment in the Indian healthcare system slotxo was urgently needed.

Quarantine declaration 'too late' - labor[Bearbeiten]

Labour's Angela Raynor said the UK government did not "answer critical questions about how they will help families" affected by the new quarantine for travelers from France.

She told Today's BBC Radio 4 that Labor supports slotxo preventive measures. But the announcement came "too late"

And they have not answered any important questions about how they will assist families who were promptly told they were in detention, she added.

How can they support people who are unable to return to work, and how will they support the aviation industry as it has already been damaged?

“There are specific problems that result from precedent measures, and we know we foresight and the government has failed to respond. Affecting sectors and areas very differently "